"A teaching style that

hits home...

Practical, easily understood

and well-attended."

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Training That's Curiously Divine!

Since 1984, MANNA!'s founder and president Dr. Rick Chromey has traveled around the United States and the world delivering workshops that have inspired, resourced and trained tens of thousands of leaders, teachers and parents.  Known as the "Original Edu-Trainer," Dr. Chromey knows the secret sauce to training that changes lives.

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MANNA! Educational Services International exists to insight and inspire leaders, teachers, pastors and parents to be fully equipped for spiritual leadership and Christian ministry.

"No place for typical sleepiness or boredom...people are encouraged and changed."


"Leaves them wanting more!

Informative, relevantandentertaining!

Conference attendees were lined up in the hallway trying to get into these workshops."


In the Old Testament, the Hebrews were fed free "manna" in the wilderness during the Exodus out of Egypt. Manna was so unique and special that it's name literally means "what is it?" It also fed a generation for years. It was satisfying, life-changing and complimentary.

In the 21st century, there's a hunger for quality training that's engaging, interactive, experiential and insightful.  MANNA! Educational Services International was founded in early 2017 by Dr. Rick Chromey as a "curiously divine" new training vehicle to equip leaders and teachers around the world.  When you financially partner with MANNA! you not only receive incredible training for your staff and teams, but you seed opportunities to train in places that other training services avoid...in the U.S. and around the world.

 MANNA! creates and delivers engaging and affordable workshops (in person and online) for churches, schools and organizations. We are currently scripting a few of our more popular workshops for interested local presenters to train their staff, teams and volunteers (or to use on the mission field to equip leaders, teachers and parents). 

MANNA! specializes in inspirational and motivational resources, including the Midweek Morning MANNA! (inspirational insights every Wednesday morning), MANNA! Radio Show (podcasts), ZOOM online training, blue-ribbon photography, videography, e-books, blogs, PowerPoint/Keynote presentations and other materials.  

MANNA! also provides complimentary consultations to leaders and educators.​​

In a word, MANNA! is about "grace-fully" feeding YOU with helpful insights, powerful encouragement, incredible resources and enjoyable "edu-trainment."