To be honest, in the short-term, success will be revealed through invitations to train and financial partnerships. Our live presentations is where the "magic" happens and the more places we go and the more people we train the wider our influence will prove. 

In addition, we know we can’t do this alone or for free, not for very long anyway.  We're currently trusting God to provide new financial partnerships (churches and individuals).  Therefore, if churches and individuals do not stand with MANNA!, we will be limited in what we can do. 

We truly believe that MANNA! will be great blessing to local church leaders, teachers, pastors and parents (already is) and definitely sense God’s leading in this venture.  We're hopeful that churches who know Rick, his long-standing record for training in the church and his passion to create “fresh bread” for today’s leaders and teachers will sacrificially invest in this work.  The more MANNA! receives, the greater the work MANNA! can do.  As revenue increases, we hope to eventually add part-time and full-time staff to expand our reach and influence as a creative training company.

In the long-term, success at MANNA! is about faithfully serving churches, schools and organizations with affordable, quality training through cutting edge learning strategies all over the world.  Our hope (dream) is in 20 years people will look to MANNA! like they do now to organizations like Walk Thru The Bible, Compassion International and Campus Crusade for Christ as the go-to training arm of the church.  We pray that MANNA! can train millions through workshops, podcasts, e-news, online videos and other digital media, and humbly seek God’s wisdom, strength and courage to accept this grand vision.


Frequently Asked Questions

MANNA! Educational Services International exists to insight and inspire leaders, teachers, pastors and parents to be fully equipped for spiritual leadership and Christian ministry.

MANNA! Educational Services International is a registered nonprofit in the state of Idaho and recognized by the IRS as a 501(c)(3) organization.


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