MANNA! Educational Services International is a registered nonprofit in the state of Idaho and recognized by the IRS as a 501(c)(3) organization.

Frequently Asked Questions

MANNA! Educational Services International exists to insight and inspire leaders, teachers, pastors and parents to be fully equipped for spiritual leadership and Christian ministry.


Training That's Curiously Divine!

MANNA! exists to service churches, schools and organizations with innovative, high-quality, reproducible and affordable training for leaders, pastors, teachers and parents.

The difference is we freely give away and work with churches, schools and organizations, including those that can’t afford the type of training we provide.  We don’t charge speaking fees and only ask all hosts to cover our expenses in travel to the event. Many independent trainers and leadership consultants must decline invitations to help churches because they would lose money to accommodate the request.  With MANNA! we can service these opportunities through the grateful generosity of financial partners who wisely invest in this training work.

Another unique feature of MANNA! is all workshops will eventually be fully scripted and available to everyone.  Rick designs the workshops, the PowerPoint/Keynote slides and handouts (with special instructions so anyone can present these trainings).  This is a work in progress and may, in the future, only be available to individuals and churches who financially partner with MANNA! Educational Services International.  Currently only one workshop (“Teaching With Power”) is fully scripted, but we hope in the near future to complete additional workshops, including:  “Why Kids Misbehave” and “Leading With Style.”

Finally, MANNA! focuses upon creative inspiration.  We are starting out small and doing what we can with the financial blessing God provides, but our goal is to be the training arm of the Church.  When a church needs trained pastors, elders, deacons, teachers, ministry leaders and parents, MANNA! will be there, standing in the gap, with some form of creative and insightful training, helpful idea or inspiring thought.