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What Is It?

Rick Chromey, D.Min., M.R.E., has served as a pastor, professor and missionary for more than three decades learn more

                            is a non-profit mission organization dedicated to equipping and empowering 21C leaders,                              teachers, pastors and parents through innovative, fun, affordable and engaging                                                 "edu-trainment."

The                              Mission:

MANNA! Educational Services International exists to insight
and inspire leaders, teachers, pastors and parents to be fully equipped for spiritual leadership and Christian ministry.


Grace. Community. Empowerment. Dignity. Fun. Security.

For the past 20 years the Church in America has been in decline. Despite a plethora of books, conferences and materials most churches, particularly the smaller ones, struggle to find, retain and motivate leaders to lead and teachers to teach. We have a leadership and discipleship crisis of epic proportions in the church. Who will stand in the gap to serve those desperate for help, revival and change? Who will help the "little ones" especially?

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There's a global hunger for quality education that empowers and equips leaders and teachers, whether in a church, school, business or organization. American "missions" do a lot of great "relief" work in other countries but what's truly needed is "release" work: the training of native leaders and teachers who can then reproduce what they've learned to influence and impact their own community. Who's going to travel to the ends of the world to train tomorrow's international leaders?

What Is It?


The secret to success in any school, church, organization or business is a well-trained and motivated staff. The problem is a lot of "training" today is lame, boring, expensive and unproductive. There has to be something "better." Who's going to lead the leaders, teach the teachers and pastor the pastors?

Founder and President

"Face it, we live in a whole new world. It's one that requires a whole new type of leader, teacher and pastor. And that demands a fresh way to train, equip, inspire and empower."

What Is It?

What Is It?

During the Exodus, the Israelites were fed complimentary manna in the wilderness. Manna literally means "what is it?" It's a word rich in curiosity, substance and change. It's food for thought and LIFE. And it's the perfect description for a greater vision to serve churches, schools, organizations and businesses with high quality, insightful and life-changing training.