All MANNA! workshops feature interactive, experiential learning plus engaging visual Keynote presentation packages. MANNA! is about spreading the knowledge, nourishing insight and ideas and empowering teachers to teach, leaders to lead and parents to parent. 

New workshops and series are continually added.  

TEACHER TRAINING:(For anyone who teaches: public, private, home, church!)

   Teaching With Power

   Teaching With Grace

   Teaching With Style
   Sticky Learning (The Rule of 3's)
   Motivate Me! (Inspiring Learning Without Gimmicks, Guilt or Games)
   Why Students (Really) Misbehave

   Roots and Fruits/Sticky School: Student Retention

   Learning at It's BeAst! (NEW)

   Presentations That Fly!

LEADER TRAINING:(For those who lead in a church, school, organization or business)


   Leading With Style

   Leading With Spirit (How To Lead Anyone, Anywhere, Anytime!)
   Staff On! (Recruiting, Motivating and Inspiring Your Team or Employees)
   Visioning: Creating Change That Lasts
   Generations: Understanding Boomers, Gen Xers, Millennials and iTechs

   Shift Happens:  Understanding Cultural Change 

PASTOR TRAINING:(For pastors, elders and other church leaders) 


   Roots and Fruits: Creating Community
   Understanding De-Churched Larry and Mary

   Sticky Church (The Rule of 3s)

   Sticky Kids Ministry (The Rule of 3s)
   Thriving Ministry in Smaller Churches
   Volunteer On: Finding, Motivating and Keeping Volunteers
   Sermons Reimagined: Preaching in a Postmodern Culture

PARENT TRAINING:(For know who you are!)

   Spiritual Parenting (Nurturing Kids to Love God)
   Parenting With Grace
   Understanding Kid Culture
   Why Kids (Really) Misbehave
   Bridging the Gap: Parenting Preteen

   Learning At It's BeAst! 

TRAINER & COMMUNICATOR TRAINING: (For anyone who speaks!)


   Breaking the Ice (Introduction to Public Speaking)
   Speaking With Power (Organizing and Focusing Messages)
   Communicating With Style! (Gestures, Body Language)
   Communicating With Spice! (Visual Aids, Music, Drama)
   Presentations That Fly! 

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MANNA! believes learning is a change in what a person knows (understanding), feels (attitudes) and does (lifestyle). Consequently, learning happens when students embrace truth through interactive, experiential and visual methods that are prepared and focused by compassionate, creative teachers.